Thursday, 20 October 2011

Templewood Murals Rededication gathering

Above LtoR: Jo Sellam, Richard Smith, Stephen Novy, Angharad Morris, Dr Peter Cunningham, Carey Cunningham, Dr Catherine Burke in front of Patricia Tew's St Nicholas Mural.
Above, myself, Stephen Novy, Jo Sellam & Angharad Morris.

At 6.00pm on Wednesday 19 October 2011 at Templewood School we held a gathering to rededicate our Pat Tew Murals. We have had a campaign over the summer to raise the funds to restore the three 1950 murals. (Which I have written about on this blog). Present were the school Governors, Angharad Morris, Head Teacher, members of the parent's association, teachers, parents, donors and Stephen Novey and his sister, Jo Sellam (two of Pat Tew's children). Dr Catherine Burke & Dr Peter Cunningham of the Decorated School Network were also present.
We all spent time viewing and admiring the newly restored murals. Graham Trenchard the restorer was unfortunately unable to come over from France. He had spent two weeks of long days working on the murals in August.
I gave a short speech of thanks to all the donors and to say that the murals are as much Pat Tew's Legacy as that of Templewood School. Our unique murals have been enjoyed and caused discussion for over 60 years. Now clean and colourful again, I hope the murals will continue to be enjoyed and discussed for generations of children to come. For me, it is with a mixture of sadness and great pleasure that this project comes to a close. I have met many wonderful people as a result, not the least all the 'Decorators' of the wonderful Decorated School Network.

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