University of St Andrews Symposium

Presentations given at the Decorated Schools Symposium, 21 November 2012

1. Emma Duff: Two Schools in Belfast
2. Lucy Thomas: Eton Graffiti
3. Julia Lysogorova: A School in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

4. Charlotte Dare: The National Preparatory School, Mexico
5. Georgie Inglis: The Martin Luther King School, Cambridge, Mass.
6. Taylor Pop: Martin Luther King School, Cambridge and The Secretariat of Public Education, Mexico City

7. Chloe Lieberman: The William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia
8. Livia Marinescu: Dalry Primary School
9. Anne-Pauline Mimran: An Infants’ School in Paris
10. Juliana Cusack: Westville Road (Greenside) School, London
11. Imogen Kwok: Obernai and Kvernhuset Schools
12. Hannah Anderson: Scotland Street School, Glasgow
13. Aiden Bowman: School Libraries
14. Lucy Tittle: Oxford Union (Old Library) Murals
15. Giedre Zlatkute: Vilnius University Murals
16. Claire Abrahamson: Sculpture at Yale and Columbia Universities
17. Hayley Daen: Art Rental at Oberlin College, Ohio

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