Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mosaic on the move at Ditton Fields Nursery School, Cambridge

A few weeks ago, we reported its pending demolition, but action by City Councillor Margaret Wright and by Gill October, former Headteacher of the Nursery and now Head of The Fields Children's Centre has led to preservation of substantial sections. Cambridge City Council estates services have sympathetically cooperated in the challenging technical task of rescuing these and moving them to a new site.

Community activists will now collaborate in seeing how
these precious remnants of social and educational history of the local area can best be used to enhance the environment for a new generation of young children.

Research meanwhile has enabled members of the Decorated School project team to contact the former headteacher who commissioned the work, the artist who designed it, and local residents who helped construct it, or who recall the mural as part of the landscape of their own nursery schooling. We hope to record and evaluate the process of conception, creation, reception and transformation, drawing on personal memory, oral testimony and photographic documentation.

See news item in Cambridge News, July 1st 2011

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